There's never anything to eat at my office, because I never want to go out and buy something, and then bring it back to the office.

That made me think about this: "there's 30 floors of offices in this building. There's probably something decent to eat somewhere in here." I'd rather just ride the elevator than walk 4 or 5 blocks to the store.

So think about this: a website where everything everyone owns is for sale. Buy or rent tools from your neighbor. And when you are done with it, sell it to someone else.

And why go to the grocery store for flour? Just buy it from your neighbor.

This seems totally logical to me. I can sit at my desk, look at what's available in every fridge in the building, and see if any of it is appealing.

Someone said they thought of nearest store as their pantry or closet - they pay for the convenience of not having to keep the stuff around. Everywhere can be a pantry or closet.

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